Dsb Dvd Viewing June11 2020

Stop by dSb’s Facebook page starting at 8 PM ET on Thursday, June 11th to catch a viewing of the full dSb 20th Anniversary DVD.

Members of the band will be hanging out in the comments to answer your questions and give some behind-the-scenes notes from the filming. This airing will not be archived so mark your calendar!!

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Cooper Beer Garden Glendale Queens

Well, we waited as long as we could and did so because things are changing for the better every day. This Sunday’s show at Cooper Beer Garden however is being postponed for a September date. We will advise as soon as we know. In other news the 30 Anniversary weekend Feb 26-28, 2021 is coming…

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Dsb 30 Tour

Stop by the Tour Dates page and check out all the currently scheduled dSb tour dates. We are heading back to many of your favorites such as Wurstfest, Mt. Angel, Bear Mountain, Reidlbauer’s along with some recent newcomers like Shamrock House and Kansas City Oktoberfest.  2020 Tour Dates

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