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die Schlauberger celebrated the release of their much anticipated first CD, Play it Loud on April 6th, 1997. The release encompasses traditional and modern German and Austrian music. Play it loud with a running time of over 48 minutes contains 12 tracks and provides a wide variety of songs for all interested in the Germanic folkstyle of music.

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1. Big Bang
2. Der Jodelautomat
3. Blonde Madrose
4. Heast As Nit
5. Kikeriki, i heirat Di
6. Herzilein
7. Koa Hiatamadl
8. Je t’aime Heist ich liebe Dich
9. Love in Styria
10. Die Schone Burgenlanderin
11. Die Fischerin (Schlauber mix)
12. Logo Logo


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