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Tom Staab and Ray DiStephan are Rhyme and Reason. The multi-talented duo have created a melodic, masterful compilation of original tunes called Painted Faces that appeals to music lovers across the usual generational divide. Through the years, Tom and Ray have been pulled in opposite directions more than once, but through all the other commitments Rhyme and Reason was waiting to be unleashed.
Before Painted Faces was even officially released, the track “Youth” was featured in the TV documentary “Ivy Dreams,” in late 2006. With that kind of reception, it was obvious to Tom and Ray that the current music scene was ready to embrace Rhyme and Reason.

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1 I Don’t Want To See It End
2 We All Fall Down
3 Youth
4 Painted Faces
5 Portrait
6 The Big Man (for Leo)
7 Saving Memories
8 Today Is The Day
9 Everyday Hero
10 All Is Forgiven

Painted Faces is a ten-song compilation of tight vocals, superb musicianship and thoughtful lyrics.


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